DKL Metals, a renowned supplier in the UK, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality blowpipe solder products to meet various soldering requirements.

Blowpipe solder is widely used in electronics, plumbing and other industries for joining metal components together.  Leaded blowpipe solder is a low-temperature solder making it suitable for delicate soldering tasks.

DKL Metals provides Blowpipe solder in various forms, catering to different application needs. Our solder products are manufactured using advanced techniques and adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

One of the key advantages of Blowpipe solder is its ease of use. It offers excellent wetting properties, allowing the molten solder to spread evenly across the joint and form a reliable bond.

DKL Metals offers a wide range of Blowpipe solder alloys, including tin-lead alloys and lead-free alternatives. These alloys are carefully formulated to provide optimal performance, durability and compatibility with various metals and substrates.

In addition to our top-quality solder products, we also provide expert technical support and guidance to customers. Our knowledgeable team is equipped to offer advice on solder selection, application techniques and more to ensure our customers achieve the best results.

As a customer-oriented company, DKL Metals places a strong emphasis on sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations. That’s why we prioritise the development and promotion of lead-free solder alternatives, contributing to the reduction of hazardous substances in the soldering industry.

By choosing DKL Metals’ Blowpipe solder products, customers can expect superior quality, exceptional performance, and the support of a trusted industry leader.

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