DKL Metals are always looking to widen our product range to help the companies we work with globally. That’s why we’re excited to introduce two new additions to our product lineup at DKL Metals.

DKP6 no clean Solder Paste

DKP6 is a halide & halogen free, no clean solder paste formulated for lead free surface mount assemblies requiring excellent, defect free soldering of even the most difficult to solder components and board finishes, including OSP, ENIG, Ag, Sn and HASL. When no-clean technology is integral to the assembly’s end use, rest assured that DKP6 residues are both secure and compatible. Designed in Type 3, 4, and 5 powder sizes, DKP6 ensures impeccable print definitions, ideal for fine and ultra-fine pitch printing. Moreover, its extended open times, spanning over three days, contribute to heightened operational flexibility.

Experience a range of advantages with DKP6:

• Achieve a no-clean standard of ROL0 (J-STD-004B), ensuring cleanliness.
• It’s halogen and halide-free, promoting environmental safety.
• Experience soldering without slumping or solder balling.
• Appropriate for both air and nitrogen environments.
• Clear probe testable residue
• Benefit from a lengthy stencil life.
• Attain excellent soldering with a tack life lasting up to 72 hours.

Shelf life and storage guidelines:

When stored in a refrigerator at temperatures below 10°C, DKP6 exhibits an impressive shelf life. Unopened cartridges and tubs maintain their efficacy for up to 12 months, while unopened syringes boast a shelf life of 6 months. While DKP6 can be stored at ambient room temperature, opting for refrigerated storage will considerably extend its shelf life.

For more in-depth information on this product, either contact our sales team on 01506 847710 or please click here to view the technical data sheet.

DKL Clearflow 7000 VOC Free No Clean / Water Washable Soldering Flux

DKL Clearflow 7000 VOC Free No Clean / Water Washable Flux is a halogen free, water-based, VOC free spray flux formulated for lead free wave and selective soldering applications. Clearflow 7000 ensures impeccable soldering without defects, even for the most challenging components and board finishes such as OSP, ENIG, Ag, Sn, and HASL. This product leaves the absolute minimal of non-greasy post soldering residue and is also tested to the J-STD-004B industry standard.

Experience a range of advantages with Clearflow 7000:

Seamless soldering for diverse components and circuit boards, coupled with enhanced dependability. Benefit from its non-flammable nature, ensuring safety during use. Its user-friendly design makes operations effortless, while compatibility with dual wave and selective systems adds to its versatility.


• Good fluxing action
• Halogen free formulation
• Water based
• Wide process window
• Sustained activity

Shelf life and storage guidelines:

Clearflow 7000 provides an extended shelf life of 24 months when stored in unopened containers below 40°C. However, it’s important to avoid temperatures below 0°C to prevent flux additive separation due to freezing. The shelf life of opened containers varies with environmental conditions, so ensure that lids are securely replaced and tightened to prevent evaporation.

As Clearflow 7000 Liquid Flux is manufactured in the UK it is ready to be sent to your UK based company without the hassle of international shipping. It is available in 1l, 5l, 10l and 25l containers however, larger containers are available through special order. To place an order please feel free to call our sales team on 01506 847710. Alternatively, you can discover more about this product by viewing the technical data sheet here.