All you need to know about Pewter Casting Alloys

As a leading solder alloy supplier, DKL Metals boasts over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry. We are the U.K.’s largest producer of ultra-pure solder alloys and provide the highest quality products for HASL applications. We are also licensed to distribute some of the most popular lead-free alloys.

Pewter is a casting alloy that was originally used to form large and small cauldrons and religious items in the 11th century. Today, it can be used to craft jewellery and create decorative items such as statues.

Pewter properties 

Today Pewter is usually a lead-free alloy made of tin, antimony, and copper; other elements such as silver or Bismuth may sometimes be added. In the past, pewter often contained lead but awareness of the harmful effects of lead has led to its elimination from most contemporary Pewters.

Why it’s popular

Along with manufacturing and supplying high-quality casting alloys, we offer dross bins to safely transport your scrap and solder drosses.

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