Casting Alloys

Jewellery making, toy soldiers and model making.

DKL Metals has, for many years, offered a comprehensive range of tin-based and lead-based alloys suitable for the volume production of high quality costume jewellery and model figures.

Our Casting Alloy range covers all alloys from lead-free pewter to low cost lead-based specifications. These alloys are used across a wide range of industries including military models, fantasy figurines, costume jewellery, giftware and collectables.

A selection from our alloy range with technical data can be downloaded below. The recommended pouring temperatures for all of our alloys are for guidance purposes only and the best pouring temperature is the lowest temperature at which you can achieve satisfactory results. Please remember that excessive temperature leads to early mould degradation and can cause excessive porosity in your castings. Our full range encompasses many other specifications than those listed, so please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our very best to supply.

These alloys are only suitable for casting professionals and are not aimed for use in a non-industrial environment. It is important to remember that these alloys may contain lead and as such must not be heated above 450°C. Please read Material Safety Data Sheets before using any alloy.

As part of our service to the casting alloy industry, we can supply dross bins for the safe transportation of your scrap and drosses.

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