SAC305 Alloys are a lead-free alloy most commonly used for electronic solder and contains 96.5% ton, 3% silver and 0.5% copper. This offers a superior fluidity compared to other alloys resulting in excellent flow.  These alloys are the leading alloys which replaced tin-lead solders for electronic applications. SAC305 alloys have been proven to perform well in wave soldering, surface mount and hand soldering applications.

Benefits of SAC Alloys

SAC Alloys are compatible with most electronic grade fluxes and when stored correctly they have no limited shelf life. Here at DKL Metals we supply both E-Qual 96TSC and E-Qual 97TSC, for more information or to make an enquiry about our SAC Alloys or any other product which we supply, call us on 01506 847710 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.